The Post-Mortem / Memento Mori Collection - Warning: this section includes content that some viewers may find disturbing.

Beginning in the mid-1800s, post-mortem photography (or memento mori) was a popular way to honor and remember the deceased; an expensive service provided by photographers as a special way for families to preserve the memory of their loved ones. It was very popular and it helped many people deal with their grief.

Great preparation was made to ensure they appeared to be alive in the photographs, or at least appear sleeping.
Posing of the body into these positions was tricky but very ingeniously done. The photographer would go to the home, where the body was already dressed by the family. The photos were rarely taken of a body inside the coffin, instead posing as the family saw fitting

The Post-Mortem / Memento Mori Collection embodies pieces created from those photographs. And why would I work with such images? Morbid you say? Off course it is, yet so incredibly fascinating. The result? An elegant and tasteful Steampunk, Victorian, Gothic pieces that evokes such uneasy feelings.

In terms of techniques, these pieces are created from a copyright free photograph. Some of them are photo shopped to alter color and to add or remove elements. Layers of sheer minerals (ex. Mica) are added to create a mystical, evasive feel to the work. Other elements such as watch gears and Swarovski crystals and pearls are then applied to create a more surreal world around its subject. The image used (without added elements) is applied at the back of the cabochon so that you can have an unobstructed view of the original memento mori.

Should any information or history be available about the deceased, it will be highlighted on the product page and a printout will be included in your order.

No one but yourself has to know about the image but what a fabulous piece of conversation should you wish to disclose. Off course, this is not for everybody or the faint of heart but what a rich ground for the imagination. Off course a piece will likely evoke sadness but it is impossible to look at the departed and not reflect on who those people were, the life adventures they embraced, the experiences they had, and who shed tears over them.

If you would like to preserve the memory of a loved one or animal, I may be able to make a commissioned piece just for you from a chosen photograph. Please contact me via e-mail at , phone at 1-613-546-1496, or Facebook at / .

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