The pieces that you see on this site are all unique designs. Sometimes my muse is some of the incredible Steampunk jewelry already out there transformed into a masterpiece of my own. Each piece is an idea in motion and can take shape in hours or days. Bear in mind that some pieces are highly popular. A recreated handcrafted piece always vary and no clockwork and parts are ever alike guaranteeing a truly individual creation in its own right.

I primarily work with metals, paint, images, genuine clockwork and parts, Swarovski crystals and crystal pearls, epoxy, and just about any stones and interesting figurines I come across.  I do not limit my process and material and love to incorporate new ideas. Please click on a piece for specific descriptions.

While I make every effort in purchasing “hypoallergenic” materials, everyone reacts differently to various metals and cannot guarantee my pieces to be hypoallergenic. What I can say is that I am highly reactive myself and have tested all my material and never reacted to any.

If you would like one of the piece on the website, but with a slightly different look please contact me to discuss this. These items are individually crafted, I may be able to make a commissioned piece just for you if you have something specific in mind.

And don’t forget worldwide shipping is always included!

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